One Local Summer #5 – A Meal of Sides

Sometimes (actually, pretty much daily) I find myself standing in the middle of the kitchen at 5:30 drawing a complete blank as to what we’re going to eat for dinner. This past Tuesday was no exception – I had a bowl full of gorgeous green beans fresh from the garden, the fixin’s for our favorite salad (that’s a post in itself, one I’ve been meaning to get to for a year now), but there was no real “main course” to be had.
In a fit of desperation, I tossed some potatoes in the microwave (something we didn’t have at our own house, but I have to admit it does come in handy occasionally), and my daughter threw the salad together while I dealt with the green beans. The end result was a bit of a hodge podge, but very satisfying. The green beans were stir fried over high heat with a bit of sesame oil, some hot sauce, salt, and a ton of garlic (loosely following one of my favorite Mollie Katzen recipes for Szechuan Green Beans). They’re not pretty to look at, but we were fighting over them by the end, the crispy bits of charred garlic are scrumptious. Who says you need meat with your potatoes?Everything but the oil and seasonings were local or from the garden.

10 thoughts on “One Local Summer #5 – A Meal of Sides”

  • That looks delicious! As do most of your foodie posts. =)

    I just borrowed Enchanted Broccoli Forest by Mollie Katzen from our library. We’ve tried 2 recipes, and both were outstanding, and almost local, minus seasoning and cheese.

  • I just found your blog and haven’t spent too much time looking at your posts yet but I feel as though I am looking at my own life in a mirror, blueberries, beans, kale and bean soup, raspberries…these are the days of my life as well.

  • Looks delicious to me!!! In fact, all of your meals look great…and the fact that they are local is so impressive.

    I have been able to do a lot of local stuff simply because of my garden, but I was wondering how you went about finding local millers and diary suppliers and such? was it simply a google search? word of mouth? I want to begin searching my community. I thought about checking at my next Farner’s Market?

  • That looks good. That gets me to thinking what we will have for supper. I know some peas are ready, so will likely have those. I am going to check the potatoes and I know there are beet leaves and kale. And my daughter just told me the asparagus peas are getting new flowers. I think I have zucchini as well. I did one up last week similar to your beans; quick fried, then added balsamic vinegar. I like beans with sesame oil and sesame seeds.

  • I am torn between drooling over your dinner plate and feeling sorry for myself because my children wouldn’t touch a thing on it. Oh for kids who appreciate greens!!! (they won’t even do mashed potatoes!). πŸ™

  • Heather – Thanks, I’ll get to the salad soon, I promise!

    Eva – Thank you! Definitely check out the other books – you can’t go wrong with a Mollie Katzen recipe!

    Heather – It sounds like we’re kindred spirits! Thanks for stopping by!

    Shawna – I found my local suppliers mostly through local organic grocery stores. I also get most of my food through an organic grocery delivery service that supports local growers/producers.

    Carla – Me too. I think simplicity is a must in the summer.

    Christy – Thanks for the recommendation!

    Steffi – Thank you!

    Dawn – Mmm, I’m coming to your house for dinner.

    Midlife Traveller – That must be frustrating; I thought mashed potatoes were a universal favorite!

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