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Has anyone else seen the new Jamie Oliver show called Jamie at Home? We’ve got full cable here at my mom’s place, so I’ve been enjoying watching the food channel on occasion, and this show is by far one of the best cooking shows I’ve ever seen, it’s so homey and inviting. The focus is on growing your own food (or using local, organic ingredients), and everything he makes looks so incredibly delicious. His garden is amazing, and I would kill for his well worn, rustic farmhouse kitchen. The best part is, he cooks a lot of the things that he makes outside in a gorgeous wood-fired brick oven (Tammie, you would love it!). This is one series that I would seriously consider buying on DVD, because watching it makes me so darn happy.

I am a bonafide food channel geek, and I am not ashamed.

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  • WAAAAAA (me crying). We don’t get that particular show on Food Network where I live. But I do indeed agree with you about Jamie. And, do you know that he has done much in England to change the type of (unhealthy) food that is being served to the nation’s schoolchildren? He is impressive indeed.

  • I’ll have to look for it, living here with the family has brought us free tv and DVR courtesy of my SIL who works for the cable co so.. woohoo!!

  • I have never seen that show. I will have to look it up and use- for the first time -our DVR. Thank you for sharing that. I gotta check out that oven. i have been looking all over the internet and have decided i will go with the more adobe clay look then brick. Wonder where I could get enough clay soil around here….

  • It hasn’t been shown on UK television yet but starts next week. On your review I will definitely be watching it. Jamie lives in the next village but one from me and I bumped into him last year at a local fete. I wanted to say well done to him for what he has done to shake up the school meal system and all his charity work but I went all shy!

  • I haven’t seen the show, but it sounds great. My sister’s have a big old (1940’s) kitchen, and have a very nice wood cook stove in it (as well as an electric one). They use the wood one all winter. Our wood stove has too small a surface for some pots, but I use it quite a bit in the winter. I would like to build a wood barbecue oven outside, but I have so many other projects, I can’t even think about it now. Good post.

  • Ruth – That’s pretty neat! I probably would have clammed up too!

    Dawn – I would love to have an wood cook stove! Maybe one day I’ll get one for the basement. I hope to be able to use the top of our wood stove for some things in the winter too.

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