What’s in Your Garden?

Chelee recently posted photos of her veggie garden and patio, with an invitation to share what’s going on in our own back yards. Since we’re moving in less than two weeks, I haven’t planted anything new, but there are many things that are happily shooting up without any help from me.

This robust looking Black Tuscan kale shot up from an abandoned seedling that I left in the ground last fall (I’ve got large brussels sprout plants that resulted from the same neglectful method). I’m going to harvest it soon and make a batch of Kale and White Bean Soup.

There are volunteer potatoes popping up all over the place. I’m obviously not a very thorough potato digger.

The garlic that I planted last fall is doing well. These I’m going to dig them up and take with me.

Strawberries seem to have taken over the garden. There’s at least one whole 4 X 7 bed full of them.

And finally, here’s the shot of our “patio”. It’s not much, but it’s been a nice spot to sit for a cool drink in the afternoon, or a cold beer in the evening. I’m going to miss it.

The flat of seedlings on the table is a preview of the garden to come.

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