That 70’s Vibe

We found this wallpaper hiding behind the medicine cabinet in our bathroom.

And this flooring was underneath the top layer of vinyl and particle board that we removed in the kitchen.

I actually kind of like both of them (maybe they remind me of my childhood), but I’m not sure I could have lived with them for very long, which I guess is why they were eventually covered up.It’s fun peeling back the layers of an old house!

5 thoughts on “That 70’s Vibe”

  • Cheryl – it is quite a hoot when stripping down the layers, isn’t it? And, I’m sure you’re right. You would tire of this look in short order! Good luck with all the work ahead, carry on well!

  • I remember old wall paper almost exactly like that!!! Perhaps it wasn’t quite the same pattern, but the colours match perfectly. It must have been a popular dye lot. All we need now are some pictures of Holly Hobby and her friends.

  • Yes,thatΒ΄s really old wall paper…The colores not so bad but the designs on the wall paper very old.At the moment is it not modern but I think some years later it will be modern again…

  • Cheryl!
    We had almost that same wallpaper when we moved here! Except it was not hiding under the mirror—the room was still done in it πŸ˜€ Change the flowers to turquoise and add a bit of gold and silver and it would be “right on”
    It took us a while to get rid of it—but I think though I kind of got used to it after a while. hahaha.

  • Lu – It is fun – a real trip through the fashion timeline!

    Carla – Holly Hobby – that’s something I haven’t thought of for a long time!

    Steffi – You’re probably right. I’m sure there’s someone out there who would be happy to have it in their bathroom.

    Monica – Wow, I think turquoise and metallics would really complete the look!

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