Seed Starting

I’m falling behind in my seed starting this year, as planting has had to take a back seat to everything else we’ve been doing lately. I did manage to start my onions a few weeks ago, though.
I grew onions from seed for the first time last year, and I was thrilled both by how well they grew and how well they’ve kept.

This is one of my Red Wing onions from last summer – it’s still very plump and firm inside its protective papery skin. In addition to the Red Wings, I am also going with Copra (a yellow onion), which is supposed to be one of the best keepers there are.Part of the reason for the delay in seed starting is that I’m not sure how much I should be planting this year. We take possession of the property on June 1st, which in theory gives us enough time to get things into the ground, but since we won’t actually be living there full-time for quite awhile, any garden that I put in will just become a snacking spot for the area’s large deer population. That being said, I’ll hopefully get around to starting my tomatoes this weekend, as the thought of not planting anything is too painful to think about!Click here to see the neat creatures we met yesterday.

9 thoughts on “Seed Starting”

  • Good luck for it!I began with our seed starting too but just only flower-onions (freesia).Sorry please about my bad english!I will seed still sunflowers,some spices plants…

  • I have too much going on this year – no veggies for me. I joined a CSA instead. But I am excited to see what kind of maters you plant. Those are always my favorite. Do you ever plant your own garlic?

  • I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who’s a little behind.

    Phelan – Yes, I’m also thinking that trying to do both might be a bit much.

    QT – I will be sure to post about the tomatoes when I plant, but if you’re interested, I listed the varieties that I bought in a previous post about my seed order.
    And yes, I plant lots of garlic – it’s my favorite!

  • Cheryl, how will you manage the deer not eating your garden when you are living on your property? They can jump fences, yes? or no? Just wonderin’….

  • Lu – Good question. I’m hoping that if I put a high enough fence around the most tempting goodies that I won’t have too much of a problem. A friend of mine manages to have a nice garden despite being in deer country. I think the dog’s presence might help (my friend has two).
    Then again, I may just have to make lots of room in the freezer for venison (kidding)! πŸ˜€

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