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I’m feeling rather sorry for myself tonight, and for a pretty pathetic reason, unfortunately.
We found ourselves a gorgeous set of used kitchen cabinets on Craigslist last weekend, just the colour and style we were looking for, and for only $500. We drove out to take a look at them on Monday night, made plans for when we might able to pick them up, and then excitedly came home to start planning our renovations. But this afternoon, I came home to an email saying that they’d sold the cabinets to somebody else! The really annoying part is, this is the second time in a month that we thought we’d found cabinets only to have them sold to someone else unexpectedly. It’s getting a little frustrating!
Okay, end of whine.

On another note, I finally sat down to watch yesterday’s episode of Oprah featuring Al Gore, which I’d recorded. He was on there discussing his documentary An Inconvenient Truth, something I’ve been dying to see but haven’t. What I’ve seen of it so far looks really great, and I think it should be required viewing for everyone. In fact, if you’re curious, but don’t want to spend the money, you can check it out on Youtube (it’s on there in 10 short segments).
I’ve been curious about Al Gore ever since I went to hear David Suzuki speak several years ago. He told us about a young man that he met many years ago who was, and is, the only politician he’s ever met who actually “gets it” about the environment (the young man being Al, of course, years before he ever thought of becoming Vice President). I heard this a while after he “lost” to Bush, and it didn’t match the mental image that I had of him at all.

I was sent a list of similar movies that are available online and I thought some of you might be interested in checking them out:

David Attenborough’s Climate Chaos

Part 1:×480/xmq0n

Part 2:×480/xmy11

Global Dimming

Strange Days on Planet Earth

2004 Trailer:×480/xmj0l

Part 1:×480/xmje7

Part 2:×480/xmkei

Part 3:×480/xmmvv

Part 4:×480/xmolm

2007 Trailer:×480/xmj1j

The Denial Machine

The End of Suburbia

Trading Freedom: The Secret Life of The FTAA×480/xjcdl

Big Ideas That Changed The World

Part 1:×480/xjb67

Part 2:×480/xjbjg

Capitalism and Other Kid’s Stuff

7 thoughts on “This and That”

  • Wow! Great list! I will definitely check these out once I get back home. Sorry to hear about the cabinets. I know how frustrating that can be.

  • Cheryl:
    We always look at it like this: When it’s the right time you will get cabinets. It just may be a different time schedule than you were hoping for. 99% of the time when that happens to us—we are always glad in the end because we find something we liked even more than what we lost out on.
    Good luck with your search!

  • Thanks for the great list.

    I had dreaded seeing An Inconvenient Truth, and put it off until last weekend. Guess what. It was really uplifting. And inspiring. So don’t put it off…

    What was really great seeing in the movie is Gore’s recap of what had happened since they’d released the movie (almost a year had passed before they put out the DVD). So make sure you watch that part, too. He answers some great questions.

  • aw nuts! well I hope something even more suited to you comes along very soon.

    I watched that Oprah episode, I definitely want to see An Unconvenient Truth, someday, somehow!

  • Carla – Yes, it’s an awesome list, I was thrilled to get it!

    Monica – You’re totally right, and that’s how I usually look at these things, I was just having a little pity party last night. When we found the second set, I actually thought “so this is why the other ones didn’t work out”. I guess the next ones that are going to be spectacular!!

    El – I’m really glad to hear that the overall message is positive. I think I’m going to have to rent it this weekend.

    Stephanie – Thanks for commiserating with me.
    I thought the episode was really good. I hope it helps create some awareness in the mainstream.

    Stella – Me too, and you’re welcome!

  • Now that bites! How rude of them to sell them without checking with you first, especially after you went to all the trouble of going to see them. I think you will end up with something better, though – it’s always worked that way for me.

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