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Food isn’t the only thing that I like to buy local. There’s a great potter’s club at one of our city’s community centers, and every 6 months they hold a sale where the members sell their gorgeous creations for very reasonable prices. Yesterday was the day of their annual Christmas sale.
It’s always a bit of a sentimental morning for me, as my husband and I were married in the building where it’s held (a beautiful old Tudor-style mansion) almost 10 years ago.
After attending so faithfully for so many years, I’ve acquired quite a collection of handmade delights.

This was my biggest splurge yesterday. It’s become a standing joke that I come home with a teapot every time I go, but that’s not true (honest!). I couldn’t resist this beauty though.

This is my very favorite teapot which I bought about 4 years ago. It’s nice and big and makes a lot of tea at one time, so it’s great when I have a bunch of people over. The spout got broken about six months ago (don’t even ask), but I still love it.

This one’s great because it makes enough for me to have one big cuppa (for those slow mornings), or for C. and I to have a civilised cup each.

I had to get this pumpkin pot last year because it was only $5 and it came with two matching pumpkin mugs. I love the tendrils on it.

See now, that’s only 4 teapots in 10 years. I think that’s quite reasonable for someone whose life revolves around her twice daily tea times!

I got this bowl yesterday too. I envision it holding my morning bowl of steel cut oatmeal – I only need one because the kids won’t touch the stuff.

This cup and its mate were another one of yesterday’s finds. I’ve been gradually replacing my cheap stoneware mugs with beautiful clay cups. I like having a varied collection instead of a matching set, that way people (and I) can choose the perfect one to suit their taste and/or mood. The perfect mug is all about feel for me. It has to have a nice curved bottom that I can cup in my hands (oh behave!).

This is another favorite from several years ago.

And it’s not just dishes that these talented people make. This pretty mirror brightens up our entryway.

My salt pig is probably the kitchen’s most-used item. It sits dutifully on my stove top, ready to dispense a spoonful (or a pinch) of salt whenever I need it.

I love the colour and pattern of this pasta bowl. I’ve seriously considered asking the woman who made it if she can make me some other things to match (a teapot maybe?). On the other hand, it might not be so precious if I had more than one thing in that style.

This blue plate is another favorite. I seem to gravitate to things with at least a hint of blue in them.

That’s more or less my pottery collection. There are a few others that I didn’t show that you’ll see scattered in previous posts. I love the variety and personality that comes through in these one-of-a-kind creations, it’s something that’s totally lacking in mass produced goods. There’s a little bit of the artist in each one.

Do you have a collection that you can’t resist adding to?

7 thoughts on “Local Lovelies – Pottery”

  • I love hand made pottery!!! These pieces are all FANTASTIC. I especially love bowls and teapots! And, butter bells, and mugs and …..shall I go on and on? Really very nice pieces!

  • Umm, yes pottery and a few other things, umm, like knitting wool, cotton fabric for quilts, variety of dishes. I do finish quilts and sweaters and scarves, that much is good, right?! I am always excited to go to an art fair and stumble upon a new potter. I also have a guy in Kansas that I have bought pieces from for many years. The things I like to “collect” are functional AND pretty. Have you ever seen the book (a couple years old) called “Weekend Knitting”. It’s really a pretty and fun book with neat projects.

  • Teapots are one of my favorite things to collect…but I’ve been restraining myself lately. There used to be a woman at Granville island who made these beautiful Asian looking teapots. I wonder if she’s still there. I always wanted one of hers, but they are quite expensive. I miss the pottery club’s annual Christmas sale.

  • I love the hen top pot! The others are darling too but the cups and bowls and -LOL- the salt pig really catch MY eye. We have a local pottery that is in a big red barn (not the actual store POTTERY BARN) and I have yet to check out her lovelies. I of course give it the appreciative look as I drive by it everyday. Maybe I should stop in and see what she has that I can include in some holiday gifts. Thanks for sharing your lovelies and for the great idea to check out our local “potter”….hey kids get in the car it’s FIELD TRIP time!

  • Carla – I thought of you when I was there, you’ll have to come down for the one in the spring!

    Tammie – I hope you guys have a great time at the “pottery barn”!
    : )

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