We’re Jammin’

I recently finished reading Well Preserved: A Jam Making Hymnal (on Tammie’s recommendation). It’s a lovely book, and I’ve been itching to try out some new recipes ever since. Having just picked up some gorgeous peaches and blueberries at the market on the weekend, I spent the morning making a couple of batches of jam.

Shameful as it is, I’ve never actually made plain peach or blueberry jam before, even though they’re two of my favorite fruits. If the kids have any say in the matter, I won’t get away with not making them from now on. It’s ridiculous how satisfying it is to look at the bright rows of jewel toned jars, imagining the winter mornings to come made so much better with warm bread and jam.

6 thoughts on “We’re Jammin’”

  • I love your jars! I wish I could find ones such as yours around here. The shape is just wonderful!
    I am so glad you enjoyed the book. I hope to make it out this week for peaches too. The pictures make me want to go right now and make some….drooling…

  • Hi Tammie,
    I agree, there’s something about the jars’ squat shape that’s very appealing.
    I hope you get to make some soon – I’m dying to try her Pear Frangelico jam next! I think several people I know will be getting the book for Christmas.
    Thanks again!

  • What beautiful jam and jars!

    Thanks for your comments on Tea & Cookies. Cortes is indeed an amazing place. I haven’t spent much time on Quadra (mostly waiting for the ferry), but it seems lovely as well–and perhaps a little more convenient if you have children (still no high school on Cortes). Ay, but it is beautiful.

    Your blog is lovely (those flower photos are stunning). I look forward to following along on your adventures.

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